Sugar Pop Format

5x5 reel, all ways pay Cascading Reel Slot Machine


The Max Theoretical RTP for this game is: 97.6%

Min/Max Wager Amount

The Minimum wager amount for this game is 50 coins and the Maximum wager amount is 250.

Number of Lines

There are 50 lines in this slot game.

Number of BPL

You can wager from 1-5 coins per line.

Coin Denominations

The default coin denominations are 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 and 1.00.

Default Wager

The default bet for this game is 0.10, 1 bet per line, maximum number of lines.

Default Resolution

The default resolution for this game is 800 x 600

Sugar Pop Features


During gameplay you will earn POINTS towards reaching higher levels. Each time you fill the meter on the right side of the game, you will reach a higher level! Some levels will unlock brand new Special Candies which are not available on previous levels. New levels, worlds and candies are coming soon, so be sure to check the game frequently!


To the left of the reels, you will see a circle containing the current BONUS PATTERN. Every time a piece of candy explodes on the reels that matches the indicated bonus pattern will go towards unlocking the bonus pattern. Reels that have already been unlocked will have a darker background. When you clear the bonus pattern, you will be awarded additional points towards the next level of play! Note: Bonus patterns do not award any additional winnings.

Hundreds of ways to win!

Unlike a traditional video slot with its limited number of paylines, Sugar Pop offers hundreds of ways to win. All that is needed to trigger a win is 3 or more directly adjacent pieces of candy that are of the same color. This gives plenty of chances for you to win!

Super Color Candies

When 4 of the same color create a combination, they will form a special SUPER COLOR symbol of the matching color. If this symbol combines with more matching colored candies before the next spin, they will multiply the combination they occur in!

Color Bomb Candy

When 5 or more candies of the same color create a combination, they will form a special COLOR BOMB candy of the same color type. If this COLOR BOMB combines with a matching set of colored candies before the next spin, every symbol of the matching color type on the reels will explode!

Special Candies

During gameplay, SPECIAL CANDIES may occur. These special candies may be created by a combination (in the case of Color Boms or Super Colors) or they may just randomly appear amongst the other cascading candies. When a SUPER COLOR or COLOR BOMB combined with their matching color, the resulting feature pays out immediately. For all other special candies, all normal wins are resolved before the special candy activates. A special candy's payout (except for Color Bomb and Super Color) is the sum of all symbol payouts that were exploded during the feature.


Every time you get a win credits, your score increases. The score is only for entertainment purposes and has no effect on the amount of winnings you will earn. Try to beat your friends score!

Level Up

Players start the game at level 1, and must reach a specific score before proceeding to the next level. When you have reached level 20, you will no longer gain any more levels, but you can continue to increase your score until you begin a new gameplay session. In the future, additional levels will be added with new worlds and features.

Sugar Pop Button Descriptions

Options – Access the menu to toggle sound off/on as well as performance enhancing modes.

AutoPlay – Actives continuous spins that are selected by # of Lines, Coin Value, Bet Per Line, and Number of Automatic Spins. The automatic spins continue until the Number of Automatic Spins is complete or the player stops it. To stop AutoPlay, click StopAuto.

View Pays - Information on Paylines, Features, and Bonus Round.

Previous - While in VIEW PAYS, button displays previous information page.

Return To Game - While in VIEW PAYS, button redirects player to the main game screen.

Next - While in VIEW PAYS, button displays next information page.

Choose Coin +/- - Clicking allows player to increase or decrease their coin played. You can select from the following coins: 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, and 0.50

Max Bet - Activates a round with the selected Coin at the maximum bet, which is 250 coins.

Spin - Activates a round with selected Coin, Bet Per Line and number of Lines.