Three Card Rummy

Three Card Rummy

Welcome to THREE CARD RUMMY! An exciting single deck poker variant table game based on hands consisting of three cards. All cards are ranked according to their poker value, except aces are always low. The object is to have fewer points than the dealer.

Button Descriptions

Chip - (separate chip denominations)– Select which Chip Denomination you chose to bet with. Each bet made on the table will be with the selected Chip Denomination.

Deal - Starts the game after bets have been placed. The player and dealer will both be dealt their set of cards.

Fold - Allows you to forfeit the current hand along with the current wager.

Raise - Allows you to match your ante wager and continue the round to its conclusion.

Repeat - Starts the next round of play with the previously chosen opponent and stakes.

Clear - Clears all bets and cards that are currently on the table.

Min/Max Wager Amount

The MIN/MAX TOTAL WAGERS for this game are: 1.00 - 250.00

The MIN/MAX TOTAL WAGERS for the BONUS BET side bet is: 0.00 - 50.00