Triple Edge Poker

Triple Edge Poker

Welcome to Triple Edge Poker, an exciting single deck poker table game based on hands consisting of three cards. In fact, Triple Edge Poker is two games in one! Pair Plus, Triple Edge Poker's side bet, allows you to win even more money per hand.

Sidebet:The Pair Plus sidebet will payout if your hand is a pair or better.

Button Descriptions

Help - Displays information on Game Rules, Payouts and Tips and Controls.

Sound Off - Toggles sound on or off.

Chip - (separate chip denominations)- Select which Chip Denomination you chose to bet with. Each bet made on the table will be with the selected Chip Denomination.

Bet Options on the Table - Once desired Chip has been selected, click on any bet option on the table to place your chip on that bet. You must press the Deal button after you have made all of your bet selections to start the round. You have several options to bet. Please see Game Rules under the Help button for more information on bets.

Deal - Starts the game after bets have been placed. The player and dealer will both be dealt their first cards.

Fold - Allows you to remove your ante wager and forfeit the current hand.

Ride - Allows you to double your wager and continue the round to its conclusion.

Repeat - Automatically places the previous rounds wagers onto the table and starts the next round of play.

Clear - Clears all bets and cards that are currently on the table.

Min/Max Wager Amount

The default Min/Max wagers for this game are 1.00 - 1000.00

Default Wager

Not applicable